Spirit boxes for sale

Here you will find the different models I am currently offering. I build these receivers at home in my workshop so output is varied dependent on whatever I feel like building. Any custom creations I want to sell will be listed here. You may email me at info@chicagospiritwave.com to check for availability. Thanks 

The Model A    $240 + shipping

This is my flagship spirit box. Hand built and set up. Fm tuner mated with an analogue sweep circuit. The sweep is set for a constant back and forth function with a control for speed.  Line out jack with speaker cutoff switch. High fidelity full range speaker. Housed in a quality recycled solid wood box.  This combination produces excellent response and great sound. The analogue sweep produces a smooth transition though the bandwidth making the voices much more legible and clear. No more choppy digital sweeping!! The speed control lets you dial in the right oscillation for maximum response. The cable antenna can be unwound for best reception or held by the user’s hand for a more physical coupling with the device.  Runs on a 9v battery. Each unit warranted one year against defect.





The Model E    $290 + shipping

This is my latest spirit box offering. This one takes the Fm sweep circuit from the Model A and adds an echo/feedback loop. You can speak into a microphone in the back adding your voice plus ambient room noise to the mix. This is an excellent box that is very intuitive and sensitive to room dynamics. Output jack lets you run headphones, recorders, external speakers. A very versatile yet easy to use device. Runs on a 9v battery. Each unit warranted one year against defect.



Model E #45

Model E #45

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